HELP NEEDED Block producer blocked by DigitalOcean - recover ADA?

Hello, can someone please help me? I had just started setting up my stake pool, using DigitalOcean droplets to host the block producer & relay nodes. All was going really well. Then, for some crazy reason that has still not been explained to me, DigitalOcean blocked my account and refuses to give me access. So now I can no longer access the block producer. Fortunately, I copied all keys, certificates etc, payment address, but I cannot find how to recover the ADA that I had pledged to my stake pool. I would also like to know if anyone could also explain how to retire the stake pool after I recover my funds. Any help would be much appreciated and please, if you’re using DigitalOcean, please be careful they don’t do this to you. Thanks in advance, Simon

I can help u… u will need to create another node… u can use contabo vos server… set up the cardano node… then upload the files and retire/withdraw the pool

Thanks so much for your feedback. What do you mean exactly by “then upload the files”? To which files exactly are you referring to? Thanks once again for your help, Simon

All (pool/wallet) files, right?

Ok. Thanks. I will give this a go and let you know how it turns out. Thanks so much for your help. I can’t believe I just got kicked out of my DO account, but I guess that’s life

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@Alexd1985 Thank you so much for your help. I spun up new nodes on the linode platform, synchronized to the blockchain, copied in my keys and certificates, and restarted everything and now its working fine. Linode service also looks pretty good, I would definitely recommend them over DigitalOcean. Thanks again, really appreciate the time you take to help out on this community, Simon

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Expensive… see the price on contabo :slight_smile:

WOW. I know where I will be going for all future service :slightly_smiling_face:

I just looked more in detail at their pricing (Contabo) and its incredibly cheap. Do you use their service. Has it proven to be reliable?

I am using since last year and no issues

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