Help with Deadalus 1.0.3769 password


Unfortunately I lost 12 words and password but still have access to the deadalus do I block wallet if I keep trying enter various sending passwords? as have few combinations.

Or is there any way to get 12 words from installed deadalus from my harddrive?


Do you still have your password to send funds? If so you’ll need to install another wallet, write down new seed, and send funds to new wallet.

No both gone sending password and 12 words

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way around this. My suggestion would be to set up another wallet to send the funds to and keep trying passwords that you might have used until it works. Good luck.


Thanks, Do you know if deadalus has a limit of password entry tries?

I don’t but I’d be very surprised if it did. When you set up the new wallet, write down seed, and password. Then use that wallet to test the limit on password entries because you have the seed in the case that it locks you out. I’m curious about the answer to that. I’m guessing it’s unlimited.

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Done there is no limit and eventually ulocked the wallet. THX!


Awesome! You’re welcome. Glad it worked, and thanks for the confirmation on no limit. I’ll be honest I was fearful for you when you said you didn’t have the seed or the password. Save that seed someplace safe. :wink: