Henlo, I am fren [GAINS]


Although my pool is a couple of weeks old, I would like to introduce the pool dedicated to those sweet, sweet GAINS!
(Bask in my HTML greatness! )

In related news; I am just now learning of the correct way to set my topology-files :sweat_smile:
Trying to keep my setup as simple as possible, with less things to go wrong and with respect to security, I have for the most part been writing my own simple bash and python scripts instead of using CNTools etc…
Hence, I need some topology-buddies!

  • Will you be my topology-buddy?
  • If yes, thank you :slight_smile:
  • Lets exchange details :smiley:

“addr”: “hmesrv.nsupdate.info”,
“port”: 8001,
“valency”: 1

Yours truly,

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I hope your pool is a success!