Hey Cardanians!

Node operator here! I can’t wait for the future, what a life!

from Las Vegas, and looking to aid in the adoption and development of Cardano.
My brother and I are willing to help all who want to start a node and keep it running. We will be creating content to help educate and spread the word about how beneficial this type of system can be. Most of all, I’m here to share and learn from all you wonderful people out there who share the same dream.


Welcome @James_Rupe!

Thanks Andy
how you guys doing today?

Welcome @James_Rupe great to see you here

Welcome @James_Rupe

Thank you, glad to be here. How are you guys doing in your projects? Any Node setup issues or ip config problems? let me know. I’m happy to look over stuff with anyone and help them, if i can.

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e[He[JTotal Stake: 8,876,603.688750 ADA [ owners pledge: 487.400000 | delegators: 8,876,116.288750 ]

WARN: Owners pledge does not cover registered pledge of 500,000.000000 ADA

3ebec96090e0150926b7677294bb79dca1d3dc9e216654821cb37473 (owner) | 487.400000 | 0.000000

you don’t reach your pledge and can’t get rewards if you don’t.
When will you fix it

Fixed a while ago. Sorry for the delay, been working on another node and preparing for some Pod casts.

Welcome @James_Rupe