Hi Cardano Community


Hay, Jude,
Warmly welcome. Let’s hope we will never have to say goodbye. The crypto in general has clearly some difficulties with breathing during this hot days.

Let’s hope there will be some improvement in the autum.


Thanks dear @Donnybaseball


No worry! Since the cryptospace is for long term, we have no problem with the actual trend… No matter how is looks like today we stay confident!


:pray: @nataraya


Do you speak French sir?!


Sadly no. But I’d like to learn. I will hopefully have more business dealings in the EU in general and France in particular in the next couple of years.


It will be a pleasure to meet you then…


Bonjour Sely,

bienvenue dans la communauté Cardano!!

vive la Cote d’ Ivoire !!! :slight_smile:


Merci bien… @justhold_87 cmt vas tu?!


je vais bien!