Hi everyone! Newb here - need some help with staking

Hi everyone. I’m reasonably new to crypto (2 years) and saw the value in Cardano early on in my journey so I’ve been buying a few ADA here and there. After doing a few defi swaps and looking at the ETH gas costs I decided to look more closely at Cardano.

I downloaded Daedalus and moved my ADA there. I also got the Yoroi mobile app and imported my wallet. I want to stake my ADA but doing on the mobile app compared to Daedalus looks (to me) to be very different. The pools I see on Daedalus are different to Yoroi.


Are they the same pools just in a different order? Is one a testnet? I know I’m missing something here and I’m a bit overwhelmed by what I don’t know to even begin to work this out. Any help would be really appreciated.

p.s I’ve never staked anything before (total newb)


Daedalus and yoroi have their own ranking criteria…
when u are searching for a pool u can check if is the the same pool by comparing the Ticker, pool id etc

Check for mine for example…

Happy delegation!

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both of them are for the mainnet… you will find the same pools but in a different ranking criteria :wink: as Alexd mentioned.

there is some pools with mission and some other pools.,
you can do you research and decide.

by delegating / stake you are part of the Cardano network, how?
you give “trust” to the pool, and then the algorithm gives blocks to the pool.
after this, you there is rewards sharing to all delegators.

we are happy you join our journey.
Lets decentralize the Network.

my pool is TTS17 and we donate to artist projects.
:wink: take a look