Hi from Chiang Mai

I’m Bryan, living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’m in ADA since day 1 on Bittrex.

I plan to do a staking pool ( details here ) and I’ve created a google price tracking sheet for ADA here.

Additionally have a dev company here in Chiang Mai, looking to work on blockchain projects.


Welcome @lovelacepool :slight_smile:

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Hi Bryan Im Ken.
I grew up in Chiang Mai but moved to LA for awhile.
good to meet you here


Hey Bryan,

I’m Eyal, used to live in CM for about a year… Saw you got the sites up and running, I’m in contact with several forum members regarding stake pooling and also taking steps towards setting up a system myself.
So if you could tell me what you can offer and what you are looking for in a future pool -

  • HW (Hosting/Security)
  • System (people to set up and maintain the nodes)
  • Investors/Buying ADA

And if you’re looking to partner, affiliate or do the whole thing yourself :slight_smile:
I’ll be happy to keep the info flowing and make connections if I can.
Nice to see all the nomads coming together.


Hey @rin9s . Good to hear from you. Yeah, I’ll be interested in doing the staking in some capacity. I’ve got my chunk of ADA ready for that purpose and looking to work with others to make it happen.

My thoughts with the pool are to use a % to fund community projects that would increase awareness and usage. Maybe even something with a local angle. We’ll have to see what shape this takes, but I’d like to think people will support projects that both provide a good ROI and provide some community development.

Hey @kprachya , I think we chatted on Telegram, right?

Grew up in Chinag Mai - wow, bet it’s changed a bit. I’m from the US, but just about spent more of my life here in TH than USA.

Sounds good. I think around here everyone’s up for increasing awareness and usage :smiley:
Right now I’ll add you to my marketing/capital list (rather than the hosting/dev list.)
Will keep you posted as developments ensue, asap is what they say :wink:

Btw, do you have a community in mind? Chiang Mai Area? Mae rim? just curious (amazing folk around there…)

Cool, sounds good.

I was thinking of doing some organizing in Chiang Mai with regards to meet ups knowledge exchange. With regards to tools, it would be something Thailand wide. I run MobileTopup.com and we process a lot of payments with Omise and looking to leverage that experience into something that would help introduce people in to the space and use the currency and actually create a use case.

Actually have a newly set up BOI company so can do work permits and visas. Would like to get a small development group going here.