Hi Guys l am back after well deserved disciplinary action

Hi guys,l’m back after serving my suspension for derogatory comments. Are we getting closer to Shelley release? Lot of articles saying ADA gonna kick it by end of year.What’s been going on since l was banished to the badlands?

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Not much… Still in hibernation till Shelley release…

Need some,not just good news,market moving news.ADA hittin’ the skids.

This guy’s philosophy makes a lot of sense. He is a Bitcoin guy but watch the video and chill. In the meantime my advice is to stop looking at short term fluctuations you don’t seem to have the temperament for it…no offense I’m sure you have a lot going on in your personal life which adds to your stress level.


Good advice Fred

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I’ve subscribed to that YouTube channel BTW. I’m looking forward to seeing this 4 year cycle develop and I think his strategy is worth following.