Hint for making your Seed digital

I want to share my “secret” method of encrypting Seed phrase. :grin:
I don´t know what would you say from technical point of view, but for me it looks like simple way to make the recovery phrase look like “wtf?” and be accessible only to myself.
It requires a bit of crazyness, but if you do it the way that is familiar to you, I think you´re good to go.
We have 24 words, but for me is ok if I change maybe 5 words.
When somebody is missing 5 words, 2 words or even 1 word, proove me if I am wrong, but I think it´s almost impossible (I write almost, because there is always some way even when you got the best security) for him to gain access, even if it looks so promising.
So I took some words that create some association in my mind and write down that association instead of the real word. Again, it´s my personal association, so everytime I look at it, I naturally remember the true meaning which makes sense only to me.
When there are not enough words with easy association, I use for example written pronounciation, I write the word the way it sounds to me in my own language (this may sound difficult, but if you look at example, it should be clear :slight_smile:
These were just examples for inspiration, there are countless ways how to make phrases visible and at the same time make fool of anyone who tries to read it, everything depends on your creativity.
I personally am more comfortable with this method than storing it only on some physical place (Grandapa´s hideout) and´ve had fun with it, but it depends on everyone´s nature, I am from the part bit of crazy one :joy:


most of the peolple lost money not because somehow somebody find the pics with the seed words, they lost the money because:

  • the pc was compromise
  • participated to fake giveaway
  • entered the seed words in fake apps

so I think as long you are keeping the original seed words in a safety place you will be fine

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Better to just encrypt the words using a live CD and only ever access them in that way.

Charles makes it a little more complicated here but it won’t lead you wrong too much. That said he has mentioned he plans to make an updated video at some point. Maybe after Goguen launch :).

Here are some tips on how to split the seed phrase for a robuust backup: Seed phrase wallet backup template - Google Docs