Hopefully this will never happen in Cardano

I am seeing reports of unauthorized trades going on on the Binace platform for VIAcoin. SCARY!

Yep, what I found out until now:

Binance was NOT hacked, but many if not all API keys were hacked.
That means, many people that used bots to trade were hacked and furthermore many people who used the Binance desktop and mobile app (which seems to use API keys) were, too.

Then, the hacker(s) sold all of the Alts for BTC and bought Viacoin with it, estimated 47 Million $ worth which lead to a 10000% rise in Viacoin.

Here are two interesting tweets:

And one more which states it was only this one bot:

Just a short summary of what I know until now, nothing is 100% safe!


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Wow! second scare of the day. 1st was the Nano Ledger S 1.4.1. firmware update that I thought bricked my hardwallet. Had to update the USB driver in windows and it was all good. My shorts are taking a beating today!

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bot being hacked has nothing to do with coin