How can I build my token on Cardano?

Hi Abokandeel,
I am indeed one of the founders @ platform and we have applied for a Cardano Foundation funding in Fund5:

You can check on some of our already minted tokens and even better you can join our Telegram group chat or Follow/Message us on Twitter

So to reply to you, you should spend the time and do your own research. We are here to help.

Thank you.


what is it?

I like this service because it is easy for users to forge tokens. However, there is no github repo for us to inspect the login of how it works. Improving the css of it is not a big deal.

Since there is should be 1 unique NFT per owner should it not be that when a user selects NTF then the quantity box become disabled?

Appreciate the feedback.
Public Github Repo is a must only for open source projects. Not sure how many NFT projects have open-source github repos, but I guess is up to each founder.
CSS is something we have on our radar in the following weeks as we are approaching a stable version.
NFT topic is debatable really, depending who you ask. Please read my previous comments in this thread and you will understand in today’s context NFTs are not necessarily unique in substance i.e. the same image can be minted in multiple copies, which I do not think is right if you ask me, as it defeats the the whole “non-fungible” concept. Hope this explains why we are not greying out the quantity field when selecting NFT.

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