How can I remove intrawallets on Yoroi?

I’ve looked around but no solid answer only an explanation on what an intrawallet is.

This is my first time delegating to a pool.

Initial was successful, but just like some other users here I did not see the transaction take place immediately and assumed it failed, so I re-delegated, causing me to generate two “intrawallets”

How do I get rid of these?


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You don’t need to…from Sebastien (ex Emurgo now DCspark Lead):

Intrawallet is for transactions where both the sender and receiver is yourself. Sending to yourself didn’t used to be that common so we weren’t too concerned about this naming, but with the Shelley release, sending to yourself is fairly common (ex: reward withdrawal) so we’ll try and improve the UX for this at some point.


As long as it isn’t perpetual charges or something of the sort, because that was my concern. I don’t want it to cause issues down the line where I owe money or I’m unable to retrieve my funds. ie. “Transaction assurance level: 3007 confirmations” “Fee: -0.17443”

An option to remove this would be great in a future update regardless, I’ll suggest to yoroi.


"You cannot remove it, however, it’s not a problem.

Thank you.

From Yoroi Emurgo

The rewards will still come to the existing wallet after you send it because the balance for the active stake has been snapshotted in the previous epochs already. You will probably need some ADA on the existing wallet (1 is enough) later on to withdraw those rewards.

So let’s say you transfer your funds from wallet 1 to wallet 2 to in epoch X (and you are already actively receiving rewards every epoch to wallet 1 ). You will receive rewards at the start of epochs X+1 , X+2 and X+3 to wallet 1 . From epoch X+4 , the rewards will start coming to wallet 2 (assuming you delegated from wallet 2 the same epoch you received the funds - epoch X ). Hopefully, I got the numbers right, but there should definitely be no delay/loss of rewards overall because of simply switching funds to a new wallet. Instead, it is just a question of which epoch will the rewards stop coming into wallet 1 and start coming into wallet 2 instead.