How do the nodes find each other, can I change it and how about relay information

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I’m wondering how other nodes know which IP’s are running a cardano-node and if its possible to configure it manually. In my specific case I would like to advertise my load balancer IP so that all incoming connections go through the load balancer instead of the public IP of the server itself.

I also saw that when you run a pool the relay is configured specifically. How is this information used by the cardano network?

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While registering your pool, you have to provide the IP address of your load balancer and also now that you are using load balancer, you need to configure load balancer to forward traffic from a specific port to your relay node’s port

Thank you for the reply. This is what I’ve done and I’ve also forced all incoming connections to my cardano-node through the loadbalancer by disabling access directly into the cardano-node on the server IP by firewall. This results in a situation that my cardano-node does connect to other cardano-nodes but nothing is incoming through the loadbalancer. So I’m wondering; how does a cardano-node talk to the rest of the netwerk and what determines the IP address that is advertised to other nodes?

My guess is, it advertised the public IP which is retrieved by other nodes. Which means that if I want all connections going through the loadbalancer I must somehow use the loadbancer for outbound connectivity. I don’t think that will work so that leaves me with the question if it’s somehow possible to manually advertise the loadbalancer IP to other cardano-nodes instead of other cardano-nodes simple collecting the public IP addresses.

Hope this clarifies my question.