How Far Off are Real Sustainable Developments

In terms of blockchian currencies and DAO design. Treat this as a though experiment, but imagine there are actual people in similar situations.

You and maybe some siblings are recent inheritors of a modest estate consisting largely of real assets in a tropical location with growing tourism. How can I use these new financial tools to do various things for myself and extended family?

If I could easily design an investment token for an eco-sensitive development, the long term prospects for generating wealth are great and probably greater the more I can integrate with other eco-sensitive businesses. In the model of transition towns it would include the integration of the local people so that they realize a fair share of the value of maintaining their place as a paradise playground of creative production for visitors and locals alike.

As a foundation, I will need tokens to safely turn real assets into digital assets for use in a sustainable production network. Are these tools available? Will they be soon? From the summit videos, I think some people are already going after this service in the Cardano space. There must be several in Ethereum and Bitcoin spaces, but is there any collective effort in the space to create reliable and safe services?

With the right tools, organizations will be able to manage holdings of digital assets for reliability and safety mostly by sacrificing returns for risk. The development of the asset(s) can be placed under governance agreements and structures that make the organization’s prospects transparent to “parties with interests” while keeping them generally private from the public.

Who should I talk to in the Cardano Foundation if this is someone close enough to use the tools if I can gather the necessary experts to evaluate a real plan? What resources could be made available to fund real development leading to a pragmatic plan?

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Not CF but Emurgo, for business development.

I should have known that. What was the effort mentioned in the summit that may be related? I think it was on Emurgo investment, but I could be wrong.

Sorry, I don’t know about that.

Found it myself. Something called “Truss”, I will read up some more. If anyone else has any knowledge of competitors to this concept, I want to look into any I can identify.

Related, where do folks go for good roadmap type information for the whole space of crypto-currencies and blockchain. There are many sources, but we are all in the position of evaluating the reliability of each. Decentrallized technologies need decentrallized, but verified, information marketplaces, no?