How Is My Voting Power Distributed When Voting In Catalyst

Hi All,

Please excuse what may be a bit of a noob question, but haven’t found the answer anywhere.

What system of voting does Catalyst use?

  • Do I vote for 1 Proposal and they get all of my voting power?
  • Can I vote for ten proposals and have my voting power divided up between them equally?
  • Can I vote preferentially and allocate differing amounts of voting power to each proposal as I see fit?
  • Can I vote for many proposals and have them all receive the full weight of my power?

Anyone have any ideas? It seems an important aspect of the whole voting mechanism.


Hello Elurevad!
You can start with this guide from IOG

Yes, you do

Yes, you can. Of course. Before you vote, you need to carefully review detailed plan of each proposal. then chose some of them to vote. You should vote the proposals that their team members are publicly identifiable, do more interactive in the comment area and the have many detail documents for its plan such as whitepaper, roadmap, chart…