How long for ADA to arrive from Bittrex?

hi, have just got a Daedalus wallet to put the ADA i bought on Bittrex in. Did a transfer about 20 minutes ago and nothing… i activated the wallet and used the address on the 'receive page. how long does it take to transfer usually?

took 5+ hours for a test transfer of 1 ADA from bittrex to Daedalus for me a few days ago. Seems like its real congested with all the issues right now. Hope you get you xfer soon.

Edit: just xfered my remaining ADA from Bittrex, it took seconds.

Exchanges are pretty manic with ADA, I’ve been sending transactions with myself and its been fine. Sometimes from an exchange it takes a while, other times it’s very smooth. I believe its a sync problem with the exchanges-not with cardano itself-you should wait.