How long should it take to move coins from bittrex to wallet once sent?


Any ideas? its been a few minutes now.


Normally around 1-2mn, but Bittrex has been experiencing delays lately, and are working with the Cardano team to solve them.


Do you need to come in and out of the wallet for them to appear ?


No : everything goes automatically will arrive you between 1 or two minutes in your wallet :slight_smile:


I have the same issue, It is about two hours. I don’t think there is a technical problem since the ADA deposit works perfectly :grin: and only withdrawal has problem


Bittrex is taking hours to withdraw


It took about 3h for mine but it finally went through.


On bittrex you can see the coins stuck in a ‘reserve’ column in your account section. Mine came through but took 6 hours. I’m doing mine in small blocks to be on the safe side, bit of a pain this slow process.


I’m seeing a lot of reports of Bittrex being slow due to heavy volume. Looks like all transfers are completing; just not a quickly as one hopes. :slight_smile: