How long until 1.21.1 can be used

According to this a large chunk of the pools are still using this version which is quite understandable considering what a complete junk 1.23 is from user point of view.

First I thought it had some issues and doesn’t start properly but no someone thought it’s a great idea to remove the good old frontend display so the app does not display anything anymore, isn’t it just great?!

I start losing fate in this project completely, changing k did not change anything except larger pools setup more pools and the dummies staking as before. Business as usual so why to even waste more time on this garbage?

If you scroll down to page 7 on pooltool that is 701-800 of 1377 that is where 1 blockers and 0 blockers start. Maybe changing k will help as much as there will be more 1 blocker (lifetime) pools now considering the current ADA price even 1 block per epoch is a joke.

I guess, if you want to support the HFC on Dec. 16th you will have to switch to 1.24.2 anyways…? Most people do not use LiveView in production, as it’s not common to use interactive, ncurses-based terminal interfaces for daemons…


Because most of delegators doesn’t support decentralization/small pools … and BIG pools are chosen to split 1 pool in many … sad but true

Delegating to small pools does not necessarily support decentralization. You must assume most pools with little to no pledge are all the same person.

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Every 1pct pool is a small pool. The only difference is you know they’re related. You can already see it after the IOHK announcement, a bunch a new pools appeared claiming what IOHK requires for their delegation. Most of these are run by people who already have other pools.

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Hi, I just updated to 1.24.2 and all appears to be working ok with the exception of the GUI view. I will keep working on fixing my gui errors but without it I am not certain that all is well and ops are normal. I have done other diagnostics which are reassuring but I am still uncertain is all is good with pool.

Question. if I am able to: 1) find my stake pool ID on the blockchain, 2) send simple ADA transactions to another wallet and 3) determine my slot leader schedule — is my pool operating normally and ready to make BLOKS???

Are there other checks that I can do to determine everything is running normal? Or is my pool’s ability to do the 3 things above a good sign my pool is ok. Without the GUI view to tell me transactions are being processed and number of peers feels like Im operating in the dark. Btw, I value the GUI, not everyone has 10 years in linux or programming.

Comments and suggestions please.

Use ./gliveview (liveview is not longer available)!

For BP should see on top Corenode and bellow info about your Keys … if yes, that meaning your BP is ready to produce BLOCKS .

Of course check your peers info if there are correct/connected and tx transactions proccesesed (should increasing)


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AFAIK no. If you start the cardano-node with all required files and it does not complain (wrong file access right, corrupt file contents etc.) there should be nothing to worry about.

That said, I know what it feels like being unable to tell, if there is sth. wrong. I do use Rt View and could see everything was nice and running as expected, no suspicious error messages. But I did not forge any block for 5 whole epochs in a row! Until this morning. I was already doubting everything :wink:

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cool congrat on coming out of darkness and getting a BLOK

Thanks for your input