How to add a second relay for the current up and running pool?

@Alexd1985 @DevJohn Do you have any idea how much RAM the core should use ? I think my core is consuming more than 8G of RAM … but the tech requirement the minimum is just 4G RAM … is there any config i need to optimize or enhance ?

My nodes use 7.4GB each, so if you have at least 16GB per node, you should be fine. If not, you should consider upgrading, otherwise you will have performance issues.

I have 3 instances … each one 8G … the relays are using around 7.5G but the core is being killed many times memory issue … in prometheus i can see that it is consuming all the memory …
if yours is using 7.4 … is there any unnecessary logs i supposed to turn off ? or should i go with 16G ?

What you are running is the minimum.

Definitely go for 16GB

mine are staying at 8,x G … you can upgrade or u cand set to false the TraceMempool from configuration files (you will not see tx processed anymore)

Setting up the IntelliTouch System using the Indoor Control Panel or MobileTouch . You can create schedules to automatically run equipment like pool.

Thanks for the information

IF i am choosing the first approach: I just need to add the second relay info into block node mainnet-topology file. No need to create a new pool.cert? right

Exactly, connect the nodes between them but not register the relay on network

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Thanks you for your input