How to add the tag "español-🇪🇸" into the main categories?

Hi! How to configure the forum so that the tag “español-:es:” can be included into the main categories, such as german, korean or japanese? The tag “español-:es:” has more than 500 posts created, and it would be an excellent way to find them easily.


Hi @rodri.

Go the the upper right corner and click on the menu icon with the three horizontal stripes, chose for tags and then click on Espanol :slight_smile:

That’s correct. But, I ask if you can add it to the category list, as the German, Japanese and Korean languages appear.

Hi Rodrigo,

German was recently added as we could officially support it because Tommy (ADAtainment) joined the CF as a native German speaker. That’s why we don’t have Spanish yet. We will add Spanish as an official category when we have someone on board who has it as a native language.

Great. Thanks for your response.