How to add valueto cardano

Good evening/afternoon/morning,

Been holding ADA for a couple of years now, but i was wondering how i could really add value to this currency by solving a real world problem, let’s say in a developing country like the Philippines. I wanted to create an app that allows small/large business, average citizens, foreign investors, and government agencies to create contracts for business, entertainment, and socializing. One of my questions about crytpocurrency, and with cardano in particular is, how much of it a person would need to create a single contract? Could a single ADA between 2 parties be enough to create multiple contracts at different times. Does the ADA contract have to be equal to the amount of money being transferred? Would really love an explanation as i want to delve into this deeper. Your help is greatly appreciated community!

DM please, I’m go by Nico, and live in Houston, Tx.