How to buy Cardano ADA: Fast and cheap in 4 steps



Is there any exchange that supports ADA and is open for new registrations? It seems that all of them are closed.


yeah, I had the same issue. They unlocked it in slightly over 24 hrs so I was able to get the ADA into my Daedelus wallet. Keep on them. They should get unjammed. They do not strike me as a scam operation.


Apparently the problem is the Cardano network itself. So you can still buy them on Binance but have to wait a little to transfer them


I mean, the registration in Binance is closed for new accounts. That’s what I’m referring to “closed”, not in the sense of not able to transfer the funds out of the exchange.


I’m wondering if binance and bittrex are actually out of ADA. This might be why the transfers are disabled on the exchanges.

Anyone know when the staking protocol is set to go into effect? I thought it was coming today with a wallet update!


Binance and AFAIK Bittrex as well are not fully centralized exchanges (like Coinbase). So if they were “out of ADA”, aka no one selling ADA on their exchange, then your order would just stay open.


Binance & Bittrex are closed to new accounts, so I signed up on I’d use them EXCEPT that they list ADA at $2.55 today!!! All the other exchanges hover in the …83-.85 range at this moment, so until I can get into Binance or Bitfinex I will hold off buying, unless anyone can point me towards another exchange.


Try, I read today that it is listed there


Yes, it is listed - - - a little high @ .00006227 / BTC (~ $0.92) but, thanks very much dmonn!


If you can avoid using coinbase at the moment for buying btc as the network fee for transfer to binance wallet ( for buying ada) is abnormal allegedly due network congestion…what do you think, is this the scalability issue of bitcoin bc or just coinbase can’t keep up?


If it really is the BTC fee, it is an issue of Bitcoin (fees are always very high)


Thanks for the info. I have edited the original post with that info


Peer to peer ETH buying at might help some people get ETH, and then buy ADA.


@dmonn I would not recommend Bitmex, because you cannot send you ADA to Daedalus :(.

They kinda stuck there, or you can convert them to XBT/BTC.
And, if you do ‘sell’ them for XBT/BTC, you have to wait for 13:00 CET everyday for the XBT/BTC coins to get back to you. Bitmex manually verifies every sale only once a day. Not necessary a bad thing, but kinda annoying nevertheless.


Super stupid question here from a super mega newbie:

Why is not possible?
Will be possible in the future?
Wouldn’t that be cool?


It has multiple reasons why only Coinbase and a few others risk this. One of the reasons is fraud


Probably because they would make Cardano jump through (expensive) hoops before they permit it to be listed on Coinbase or some other established, US-based exchange. I’m gonna wager a guess that at this point that’s not their priority. It will happen, maybe just not in the next month. But I agree, you should be able to buy Ada with good ol’ greenbacks, paypal, credit cards, etc.


Coinbase is planning on adding more altcoins to their exchange. This is not up to Cardano I think. It will probably depend on which ones have the highest market cap (which one people want to buy the most). So I guess first they will add Ripple, but Cardano comes shortly after.


Seems like Binance is open again for new registration (sometimes only for a few hours?). So I removed the notice


You can buy Cardano from CoinSwitch as well: