How to buy Cardano ADA: Fast and cheap in 4 steps



30 ADA for a withdrawal fee looks quite expensive? I think that’s a total rip off. I bought 100 ADA and then I need to pay 30 ADA to withdraw. For that reason I better not invest in ADA


It’s the exchange’s cut, not Cardano’s and Coinswitch are known to be expensive.

There are other exchanges listing ADA with cheaper fees, such as Binance 0.1% trading fee, and I paid a 1 ADA fee to withdraw over 500 ADA less than a week ago :slight_smile:


hi there,
i am just a beginner. I live in Canada. Can i sign up Quardrigca instead of Coinbase?


Why would you prefer quardrigcacx over coinbase, are there advantages to choosing a Canadian exchange?

I came across this review and coinbase seems superior to them on many levels, if you have some time you should checkout this review of QuadrigaCX and this Coinbase review, if you are a more experienced trader, or eager to learn how to trade you should try GDAX, it is a professional trading platform. You can use it when you are logged in to coinbase. Fees are lower at GDAX.

I just checked and coinbase doesn’t allow selling yet in Canada but you could create an account at both exchanges and transfer to sell. It all depends on how much effort you want to put in to get those lower fees, a better API and user experience.


Hi there,
I hate using Coinbase because it only allows adding the fund of a limit of
$200 per week.
Any suggestions?


To increase your weekly limits, you may need to complete several of the following steps which will be described on this page:
Add a phone number:
Provide your personal details:
Provide a photo ID:
Establish a purchase history by buying and selling with Coinbase:

Limits are also dependent upon the age of completed purchases on your Coinbase account. Personally, I noticed that my limit increased x25 after 6 months.


not possible because no feature from the wallet, it’s cool if they got this feature though.
Hopefully yeah… :slight_smile:


Right now the withdraw fee for ADA in binance is 1 ADA. Has the changed after you posted this, or the 29 ADA are the transaction fee of ADA itself?



I have come across this exchange where you can easily exchange BTC to ADA, called
You have to follow these steps-

1.You need to have BTC
2.You should have an ADA wallet, I would recommend Deadlus wallet.
3.You can exchange BTC to ADA from this link-

They offered me the best rate for exchange, and gave option exchanging from multiple exchange.


@Kim_Alley That site has already been shilled in this topic, people think it’s overpriced, and I note both you and the other shill joined up very shortly before posting and have posted nothing else.

Am I too cynical? :wink:


I also use Binance which is undoubtedly the best exchange.


In case of instant exchange in Shapeshift and Changelly also charges too much.


I apologise if you’re not really a shill. On the other hand, if you are, I don’t. :wink:


This was the case back when I wrote this, will have to check soon. ADA was $0.10 back then, so 30 ADA was acceptable


That’s a total rip off mate. I used Binance, usually they charge 1 ADA… really affordable if you’re starting out.


It was Binance the OP was talking about, see the post above your’s!


Meaning, Binance transaction fee depends on the value of ADA? Hmmm… I tried withdrawing BTC… yeah it’s too high for startups somewhere 10USD. When I withdrawn ADA, I was only charged 1ADA. I’m only sharing my actual experience, uhmm, like 3 days ago.


It’s obviously been reduced at some point from 30 to 1, but it doesn’t vary with the value, it’s been 1 every time for me, since approx mid-December.


Hello everyone. Yes, the fee is 1 ADA now. I can’t edit the main post anymore, so it still says 30


The Coinbase method seems a bit tedious. Wouldn’t be simpler to cut down on a few steps?