How to check if the block production success in specific epoch?

Hello. all.

I am operating the small single stake pool which has not produced the block, yet.

I would like to get an advice from you for following issue.

As my understanding, “Adopted” in the BLOCK PRODUCTION means that new block will be produced.
But, block production failed in epoch 313.

Could you please let me know the reason why block production failed ?
and exact meaning of Leader and Adopted ?


epoch 313? … we are now on epoch 331 it’s an old issue? and adopted it means it was created not failed.


Hello. Alexd1985

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, it was old issue as you expected.
The value of Adopted was 1. But, my stake pool failed to produce the block.
Could you please let me know the reason ?

After checking the value of Adopted was 1, I moved the more than 95% tokens to other pool.
Is it possible that this kinds of behavior can make the failure of block production ?

what was the ticker?

Ticker is JASM. (Jasmine Stake pool)

try to run ./ init and it should show you all blocks assigned for your pool

Hello. Alexd 1985

My stake pool has worked as below figure.

Could you please let me know if the stake pool work properly and it can make the block ?

Yes, it looks ok… u have tx processed, IN/OUT peers, valid KES