How to check testnet balance on Yoroi Ledger Nano S wallet

After installing the Yoroi balance check wallet browser extension, I tried to use the wallet restoration functionality to check that my testnet balance matches my mainnet balance. But I can only see paper wallet or 15 Word restoration options. Does this means, my ada in my yoroi-ledger wallet is not part of the snapshot taken on 12th Nov.?

Any tipps on how to continue?

Why can’t you use 15 word restoration option?

There are no backup words, when storing it on a ledger nano s.

Edit: (At least not for the yoroi wallet) There is a 24 word backup phrase for the ledger.

Sorry, hardware wallets can’t be used, to take part in incentivised testnet you have to move your ADA. There is still plenty of time to do this before 2nd snapshot.

OK, thats a pitty. Would have been great, if this will be clearified to other users. Will create a paper walllet then :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking the time in answering me!

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You’re welcome, but to be fair, it was quite well publicised, there was much discussion in the forum and elsewhere about which wallets could participate.


Might be on forums, telegram and whatsappgroups. I would like to see it on official sites, like:

It’s wise to monitor official media channels at least.

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I think we both have valid points. This thread can be closed!
Thanks again for helping!

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yes, this was made clear in every announcement

the website you are referencing was updated after the snapshot was already taken with testnet specifics

all literature, videos, AMAs, newletters, etc clearly outlined that the hardware wallet would not be compatible, there was also in infographic in all of these publications

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Thank you for your valuable feedback, the repetition of previous points of discussion, and being mistaken about the real snapshot. As you might have missed, the real snapshot for incentivised testnet will happen later this month. So I would still stand by my point (and also agreeing with @RobJF) that the Yoroi connection to the hardware ledger is confusing to some and easy clarification on their site a viable cheap and easy solution to terminate those confusions.

Some people might think because the ledger hardware wallet is connected to yoroi, their wallet is a Yoroi wallet, since they read - and I quote:


If you had ada in a Yoroi wallet when the balance check snapshot was taken […] you can now check whether your balance was successfully captured using the Yoroi balance check wallet.