How to delegate Exodus wallet to Toolpool?

How do I delegate my ada to a pooltool using Exodus ?
On the website it says “To claim this pool you need to claim the reward address”…


Exodus has its own help page on how to stake:

With Exodus, you cannot choose which pool to delegate to, but you can only delegate to Everstake.

With native Cardano wallet apps, you could choose from the hundreds of stake pools.

However, the “claim this pool” functionality you found on PoolTool is not used for that. It is for the owners of pools to claim their pool and manage its information on PoolTool.

The real Cardano wallet apps all have their own interfaces to browse and select stake pools.
(Exception: Nami only has support for delegating to the creator’s pool in its main interface. You can, however, delegate to arbitrary pools by using a dApp connection from

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