How to derive addresses from a key exported from Yoroi

Hello everyone!

I’d like to code a small crypto portfolio app using python. So to track my ADA, I need to scan the addresses of my wallet.

I found Yorois feature to export a “key” and conveniently, it also states the derivation path. Unfortunately, I’m a noob with regard to key derivation and I’m a little confused by the encoding of the key, since it does not seem to come in a base58 format like BTC extended public keys.

So how would I go about generating addresses from this key using python libraries?


Hi @maxfrei750 check out Andrew’s latest video about key derivation:

Thanks for the excellent and interesting video! Love the little facts about the derivation path. Unfortunately, the public key used by Andrew was exported using Daedalus and not Yoroi and uses a different encoding.

So this still leaves me with some questions:

  1. Did I grasp it correctly, that the key given by Yoroi just needs to be converted using bech32 and an xpub prefix, to generate a “standard” xpub key (so bech32 xpub <<< yoroikey)?
  2. Reading further info, I learned that Cardano does not use standard BIP-44, but BIP-44-Ed25519. But is this even relevant for the address derivation using an xpub key? At least, looking at an example for Byron addresses, it does not look that way, since the ed25519 library is just used at the very beginning of the derivation.

Thanks once again.

You are welcome but I can’t help you here but maybe somebody else from the community can.