How to get the ada block height?

Hi, is there any one can tell what is the relationship between epoch, slot and block height?and how to transfer them?

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See ADAtainment’s video on epochs and slots
For the block height, a quick check at adascan shows Epoch 118, Slot 6038 at the time of this writing. I’m not sure what you meant by “transfer them”

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thank you for your reply. I get you about the relationship for epoch and slot like this:
 block_number_height = epoch + slot, such as  118 + 6038 = 1186038, so it is the number of block height, isn't it? 

forget the ‘transfer them’, I just want to know the relationship, : )

I think it’s more like
current maxblock height = (<current epoch #> * <21600 slots/epoch> ) + <current slot #>
I used the term maximum since each slot can have a block in it but there will surely be slots without a block in them. I could be wrong, though. has the current number of blocks from genesis and the amount of empty slots.
Blocks: 2,553,356
Empty slots: 1,541

Cool, i get it. thks!