How to Identify where my staking rewards are coming from on Yorio?

Say I have 100 ADA in a Yorio wallet… now they are 115 ADA.

15 ADA coming from staking. But where did they actually come from ? In the Received tab, I only see the original 100 ADA I sent to the wallet , but nothing related to the 15 ADA I got from staking.

You dont really see a transaction when receiving rewards.

However you can get a tax report from sites like where you see how many and when you received rewards.


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When you delegate to a stake pool you spend 2 ADA to generate a staking address. All your addresses are connected to that staking address.

When the network sends you the rewards it sends them to the staking address and not to your spending address.

You cannot use the staking address for payments and receiving of ADA. You can always transfer your rewards from the staking address to your regular address but you will pay the transaction fees for the transfer.

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