How to install cardano-node on debian buster aarch64 (raspberry pi 64bit)?


Following the installation instructions
I could not build cabal-install from source…
just downloaded the source from The Haskell Cabal | Downloads

As a convenience for users on Unix-like systems, there is a [] script that will download and install each of cabal-install`'s dependencies in turn.

$ ./`

There is such file in the source directory - but maybe it has been already removed:

This issue saying the ghcup command should be used to install cabal - so I did that, but there is an error occurred:
/root/.ghcup/bin/ghcup: /lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/ version 'GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by /root/.ghcup/bin/ghcup) "_eghcup upgrade" failed!

package build-essential has been installed.

any help would be appreciated!

You could have a look at this. It explains how to run a Cardano node on RaspberryPi4 using Docker.

Debian Buster has glibc-2.28 IIRC, which is the cause of the error you’re seeing.
I have a feeling Buster isn’t quite “bleeding edge” enough for cardano, Debian likes stable, well tested packages. Ubuntu is a little more “bleeding edge”.

The articles Tom linked above are very useful I found.

yes, that is the problem… thanks for the answer! I will install ubuntu on Raspberry or run cardano-node inside a docker…