How to manually kick out a peer from my Block Producing Node

There is an extra peer in my in Block Producer. After checking the IP it seems to be Censys which checks for open ports and scans for vulnerabilities. When setting up my stake pool, I opened a TCP port and had wrong config that allowed the public to reach it. I fixed that issue but the extra peer still shows in ./gLiveView

Is there a way to manually kick out a peer connected to my Block Producing Node?

Sudo ufw status

U should accept incoming connections only from ur relay… if this is ur setup then u can reload the Producer

Or If u wish u can block the IP

Enter the following rule to block an IP address from accessing your server

iptables -A INPUT -s IP-ADDRESS -j DROP

Replace IP-ADDRESS with the actual IP address that you want to block completely. The above rule will drop all packets coming from that particular IP to all server ports.


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@Alexd1985 I made sure to allow only my relay to communicate with my BPN. I ended up restarting the node after applying the rules and the peer has been dropped. I will monitor my node. Thank you! very helpful.