How to measure network activity

Hi guys,

I think it would be interesting to monitor and analyze the activity level on the cardano network e.g. transactions per day.

Is there a way for a simple user like me to do this? I have looked at the block explorer but it seems limited to a search engine on the block chain.

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On Linux/Unix environment you could use tcpdump for such purpose if you have a running node.


Hi @Filosof302 I have been trying to figure out the same thing and have not found a way yet… Like some kind of software that shows how many transactions per second are flying across the Cardano network from Daedalus wallet to wallet and between the Exchanges and the wallets. That would be pretty cool.

There are 3 things I have found I can look to, to get an idea of network activity.

  1. I go on CoinMarketCap and look at the 24 hour volume. This is like the total network load.
  2. I have tested wallet to wallet transactions between my friends and I and clocked them at between 8 and 24 seconds, and from the exchange to wallets as fast as 36 seconds.
  3. Since I use Mac computers, I have an app installed called “Little Snitch” that shows me the network connections and activity for Daedalus or “cardano-node” or any application on my computer using internet. I don’t know what the Windows equivalent is, but Little Snitch is fantastic.

Here is a screen cap of “cardano-node” activity on Little Snitch, the process that actually connects the wallets together. Notice the cardano-node software is not signed, they need to fix that. Download is green, upload is red.


looks like a neatly GUI on top of tcpdump -Avv port 3000 or similar.

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Interesting. Are you looking for ADA transactions or just data flow between nodes?

If the former, this is the closest I’ve found. you just have to do the translation from epochs to days manually:

“little snitch” looks really interesting.



Thank you all for the quick replies.

I think the adatracker is great and goes a long way! How long is an EPOCH exactly? Five days?

Doing my own estimate i landed a little over 3 days but on the tracker as i type it says nearly five days left on the clock.

A slot is 20 seconds. An epoch is 21600 slots.