How to measure value?

Anyone debating dollar value for a decentralized ecosystem that can provide mutually assured protection for all humanity in perpetuity utterly misses the point. Soon your minds will open to the potential being freely presented in 2 days.

Provably secure (formal methods/highest rigor), open source, peer-reviewed, and ever INCREASING security through use AND tied to stake in a new value system with ever increasing rewards and is uncontrolled by humans who, through fear, may pervade yet another, best-effort, attempt to create a better reality for us all!

Please humble yourselves before this new awakening and experience the true potential for humanity in 2 days

Soon, EVERY voice, no matter where, will be heard. NO MORE SILENCE! We are one


Looking forward to the summit of 2020 too, I couldn’t of put it any better myself, Awesome :vulcan_salute:

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