How to open previously downloaded Daedalus without Internet connection or without updating to the Mainnet

Hi Guys,

I am having problem restoring my Byron wallets to the Daedalus main net. After restoring it shows 0 ADA and no transaction history. I have a computer where I have old version of Daedalus installed and was fully synced in Dec 2019. But when I open it , it asks me to update it. But I want to open the Daedalus old version as it is from the Dec 2019 state so that I can see my wallet and ADA balance. Is it possible to open the old version of Daedalus without updating it? When I open it it ask me to update it with red background and i can’t close it. I have also tried by disconnecting internet connection no success.


Bkp ur secret key file ! The wallet restore with secret key will be available soon! But it will not be possible without the spending password!