How to redeem earned pool fees as pool operator?

Hello is there any way how to redeem pool fees as a pool operator ?

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You need to deregister your pool by sending a deregistration cert to the network. Also, you need to do the similar for the registered op reward and the owners pledge addresses/keys if you want to get the 2ADA refunds for each back.

Do I understand this correctly:

  • The rewards are locked in the “Staking wallet” and not the regular wallet to which you transfer pledge etc? (payment.addr)
  • It is unlocked once the pool is de-registered?


Only the registration fees (the pools 500ADA and the staking keys 2ADA, which can be refunded the retirement/dderegistration process) are locked, therefore you can claim those reward (either of delegation or pool rewards) anytime.

As wallet (as we call/define it currently) contains:

  • payment keys/addresses (UtxO style addresses)
  • a staking reward account with
    • staking keys/addresses (account style addresses)

For staking, it uses a combination of these keys, meaning create addresses from payment key and staking key pairs, which participate in delegation, by registering that staking key on the chain (for 2ADA). And pledge, is not differnent and, is simply a delegation to the corresponding pool with a registered staking key which was used in the Pool registration process.

I highly encourage you to read this (outdated but still relevant) article what I wrote some months back.

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