How to register to vote with your ADA! Hardware wallet work around! Cardano

There are no stakepool advertisements in this video.

Please no remove Mr.Mod.

Love you,

“There are no stakepool advertisements in this video”.

Yes Sir. You’re right! You know how to play with this marketing crap. You’re a real pro. :wink:

This video is called “how to do a tutorial without being distracted by a logo that takes up 1/2 screen”. I can’t deny that you are creative, Pey. :joy: :joy:

To block the QR code? I failed anyway.

How are they going to find my pool with just a lotus flower?

I insist, you are very creative. And I made the comment because I found it funny. But, please, don’t try to explain it, because you insult my scarce intelligence. Thank you.

I am a little confused, I have to be honest.