How to run a business in logistic company within blockchain

Dear all,
It is a pleasant moment to be in Cardano forum, writing for you all. It’s been for such a long time that I’ve been reading for blockchain and know how to use them in our daily life, but now I want to change the way. I want to try to use it in a trading way, and I don’t know how to start it.
We have an international Logistic company which is active in exporting/importing goods. How should I run this business within the blockchain system?
I mean what are the steps in order to get to it?
I want to know about all the related details for it.
That would be vey nice of you if you help me with this issue!!!
Yours Sincerely
Mohammad Rahmanian

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Welcome Mohammad
I am also some what new, but i would suggest you review the link below that may give you some of what you are looking for and possibly help you to further refine you needs and also others may provide feedback also.

Kind Regards


Dear Shad
pleased to meet you.
thank you for responding to my letter. I will check it. thank you a lot.

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