How to set up a POOL in a few minutes - and register using CNTOOLS

Can you please show an example of how the pool name lines are set in the env files on relay and bp?

This is what i get when i try to run relay in p2p mode: cardano-node: Cardano.Node.Configuration.TopologyP2P.readTopologyFile: Is your topology file formatted correctly? Expecting P2P Topology file format. The port and valency fields should be numerical. If you specified the correct topology file make sure that you correctly setup EnableP2P configuration flag. Error in $: key “localRoots” not found
CallStack (from HasCallStack):

I managed to get both running in p2p. Now the only thing I don’t understand is the env file. BP not running in core mode

so, for Relay inside env file you will need to edit the CNODE_PORT in case u don’t use the default one 6000 (same for BP)
also on BP, u will need to edit (and uncomment) the line with #POOL_NAME="" where u need to add between "" the name of the folder from /opt/cardano/cnode/priv/pool (the folder where the pool files are stored)