How to set up a POOL in a few minutes - and register using CNTOOLS

I also want to know if it’s possible to download a pre-compiled cnode binary that’s also presynced or maybe presynced to a recent epoch in case bootstrapping more pools/producers/relays becomes a regular thing. I know there are precompiled binaries but I guess waiting for them to sync isn’t a big deal.

you mean the DB… because when the nodes are syncing the DB is downloaded from blockchain

Snapshots or signed snapshots of the chain are not available, up to now. They really should do that and allow pruning old blocks from the chain also, so we don’t need so many GiB of disk space anymore. But it’s not available now.

You can copy your chain directory between your own machines, so that they don’t have to sync everything again.

Since my nodes are in my VMs am I supposed to see their private IPs to make sure they’re synced properly? I see my other node’s IP so I think I’m good so far.

assuming this is the relay, yes all good… but if you have 2 nodes on same VM I don’t know how you will block the connections for BP (to allow only the relay)…

Haven’t configured the BP yet but both nodes are running on separate VMs. I think for the same VM they’d have to be in Docker/Podman containers or run on different ports.

aaa, then all good, you have out peers, after u will run the topology updater script for 4 times (after the node will be 100% synced) you should see also IN peers

Why would I have to run it four times? Isn’t it run just once per BP?

Topology updater must run only on relay nodes

The BP will connect to Relay via static IP configuration

!!! tip “Reminder !!” - Since the network has to get along without the P2P network module for the time being, it needs static topology files. This “TopologyUpdater” service, which is far from being perfect due to its centralization factor, is intended to be a temporary solution to allow everyone to activate their relay nodes without having to postpone and wait for manual topology completion requests. - You should NOT set up topologyUpdater for your block producing nodes.

The topologyUpdater shell script must be executed on the relay node as a cronjob exactly every 60 minutes . After 4 consecutive requests (3 hours) the node is considered a new relay node in listed in the topology file. If the node is turned off, it’s automatically delisted after 3 hours.

but u don’t need to set it on crontab… just edit the topology updater script then run script and choose Y for topology updater then it will run automatically as systemd

Is there a correlation to core count and BP production reliability? I’m using a VMware community edition which only allows a max of 2 cores per vm. Wondering if I should splurge for a paid platform or of I’ll be ok. I’ve 24 cores available to deploy and about 12 unallocated, but don’t know if this will benefit critical tasks or just speed up peripheral activity.

RAM is more important than CPU; each node will require ~11G of RAM with mempol active

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Is it normal if the BP node takes a while to start (Status: starting to Syncing: XX%) after a day of nonuse (haven’t finished setting every up completely)? gLiveView still says it’s a relay but I ran it without the topology updater.

ok, can u share the glive output? also did u removed the IOHK nodes from topology file?
type journalctl -e -f -u cnode do u see any errors?

It synced but now I keep getting a valuenotconserved error. I have 1000 tAda, pledging 500 with a 3% margin, 340 cost. They’re still in the wallet so they haven’t been spent, but I noticed that on the main menu it says Node Sync: -longnumber- :(. Why’s that sad face there? And are I/O and RTT supposed to be zero?

all ok? what are u trying to do now?

I would like to start running in testnet just 2 nodes BP and Relay on same VPS. How shall I set the IP addresses ? Just adding 2 different ports ? Connection between them will be through static route, correct ? Thanks

To register my test pool but as in the comment, I keep getting that valuenotconserved error. The deleted comment was another thing that I fixed on another node but I still have the first problem.

if you go on cntools → wallet → list or show, what is the balance?

1000 Ada (though it’s tAda). What’s the minimum amount that I can pledge for the testnet?

0 tADA, but check twice if its showing tADA or real ADA