How to setup a secondary Block Producer?

As per title, I am setting up a 3 relays 2 block producers for high availability. How do I set up a secondary block producer the right way? Do I set up the 2nd one like how it is for the 1st one, and add it in both of my relay’s topology updater? Am I even allow to run 2 block producers at the same time? Will there be conflict when 2 producers are online?

There doesn’t seem to be any guide about this in the internet. Hope there’s anyone that can advise on this :blush:

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Good question…
2 active block producers are not allowed - as I know… but lets wait what others say…

Indeed, u can’t run 2 Producers with same files same time, otherwise the pool will be penalized… u can run as a relay and ready to start as a producer when the main producer will fail… this can be done with scripts or manually


Got it, thanks Alex

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There was a script on forum… wait 1 min