How to transfer ADA to new wallet when the previous wallet no longer supports the Cardano network?

I downloaded Itoken wallet last year and I set it up, on IOS. I let it fully sync, I update it now, and I have my password and 15 word seed phrase. I sent some Cardano to my wallet. So far so good.

But now This chain is no longer maintained, and balance display and other features are unavailable. Currently, only private key/ mnemonic export is supported.

how can i transfer my assets ?

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Try to restore the wallet on using mnemonic option.
If u see the right balance then its fine, you can use any other cardano wallet to use your funds
In case of not working then you must contact itoken support team.

Be careful to SCAMS! Do not share your 15 words with anyone!



can i use Daedalus wallet to restore my funds ?

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Hello @MahdiMousavi

You need to check if you still have funds in your wallet since iToken (Huobi) wallet was hacked and compromised. There were a reports about.

You can check balance of your Cardano wallet on website like or All you need is your Cardano wallet address.

If you have any assets left in your Cardano address you should make a new wallet first, then try to restore as @Alexd1985 mentioned above. Then transfer your funds to a new wallet.

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