How to transfer "assets" in Yoroi wallet to another blockchain?

I have several assets listed under the “Assets” tab in Yoroi. Some are not on Cardano, One is built on the Matic Polygon blockchain. I want to eventually get them transfer to my MetaMask wallet on Matic Mainet. How would I do this?


hmm, how did u sent the NFTs from MATIC to yoroi? :thinking:

I used the DripDropz platform.

The way it works is:

  • You add your Yoroi receiving address
  • They list which coins you can select for airdrop
  • You send 5 ADA to their receiving address
  • One they receive the ADA, they send the airdrop tokens, plus most of the ADA back

Here is a screenshot. Maybe something to do with the locked assets deposit.

Are you sure that the DripDropped assets are really pegged to the assets of the same name on Polygon?

They could just be some tokens on Cardano re-/misusing the name.

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sorry I’m not aware about storing matic assets on yoroi… I know that yoroi can store only cardano native assets (for the moment)

U can check the policy ID of the asset on for more details

can u share it? U can find it if u paste ur address on and click on matic asset

I’m checking the dripdropz …what is the name of the asset?

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Guys I think you’re right. Here is the Policy ID on
Token WOLF - Cardanoscan

Ok, well that solves that mystery. It’s a Cardano meme coin.

Here is their website:

Thanks for your help!


FWIW, there seems to be a bridge between Cardano and Polygon since last summer:

But I don’t think that they will just airdrop pegged/“meld”ed assets on DripDropz.

And I could find surprisingly little information on how to really use that bridge.


That’s cool @HeptaSean about the bridge. But you’re right, it’s not pegged to that matic asset.