How to withdraw all my ADA + rewards to a new wallet

Hi I withdrew all my rewards after 2+ years of staking. (I’m using Yoroi wallet and 3 epochs are already passed since then).I see from the transaction that my rewards have been sent to the reward address because in my dashboard they are not visible. Now I would like to withdraw everything (main account + rewards to a new hardware wallet). First of all I would like to know how to send with 1 transaction bot the main account and all the rewards. second I tried by sending a small amount (without rewards) but I still getting an error just saying “try later”. Please I need help to solve this issue. thx

Hey and welcome to the forum @HedaMind

This sounds like a Yoroi issue to me.

You can do :
a) manually resync the wallet under settings → wallet → resync


b) use Typhon Wallet → restore the wallet there → use the “send all function”

Hope this helps


Thx! manually resync solved the issue.

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