How we will launch Shelly video from Charles

Here we go!


I’ve just watched this video. I am a participant of the ITN, and there is this one thing bothering me:
Charles mentioned about the Shelley Upgrade Phase which I understand that current Stakepool operators have to upgrade their nodes, what happens if the stakepool I delegated to did not upgrade? Will the incentive I got from ITN be locked during the Balance Check? Because if stakepool’s upgrade would affect getting my incentive, then I would have to transfer my delegation to a more trustful node as early as today…

You get your reward balance transferred from ITN to mainnet regardless of what your operator decides to do. The upgrade does not happen on ITN.

Your delegation doesn’t get transferred over to mainnet, so once mainnet hits, you’ll have to pick a stakepool again to delegate to. If your operator upgraded, you can pick him again. If not, just find another.

In other words: No need to worry.


Charles mentioned that in case of an emergency the D-factor could also be turned up again to(wards) 1. This does makes sense for the Hybrid phase. But (how) will this backdoor be closed once D hits 0? Otherwise you can never be really decentralized, when a centralized authority can take over the network at any given moment.

This is not a backdoor. But a really nice question, to my understanding it must be made in way where you have a point of no return. With a 1:1 mapping this means if d is something below 0.5 and IOHK is handing out the control.

But unless we know the details it is also thinkable that it is “mapped” in a different way where for example d of 1 means 100% control of the network and 0 means 49% and then it fades simply out at the point.
(all assumptions)

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I’m quit sure they have thought of that and there will be no ‘backdoor’ left open eventually.
But would have been good to address it right away in the video, because this is a point that haters will come up with.

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A better explanation is here:


I’m worried that isn’t warm and sunny in Colarado!!!

It will end during the voltaire era.


Try to summarize

Cardano roadmap to Shelley (Decentralization).pdf (115.9 KB)


You get your reward balance transferred from ITN to mainnet regardless of what your operator decides to do. The upgrade does not happen on ITN.

OK thanks for the assurance. Could you give me a visualization of how the reward balance transfer would work? Will it be implemented like a menu in the mainnet where I could key-in my 15-word recovery phrase to access my rewards wallet?

I think these questions will all be cleared up when the times comes that the ITN stops.
Don’t think anybody knows the exact way how this will be done and which exact steps to take.

When Shelley is live you must delegate your real mainnet ADA to a pool as it is a different blockchain than ITN.

I personally think that you can just restore your INT (reward)wallet with your 15 words in Deadalus and your reward ADA will be there. But thats still unknown.


Thanks! My concern was answered perfectly. :smiley:

Thanks. Charles already explained it in recent video.

I’d like to point out that Charles in his last AMA clarified this even more. The ability to change this will be removed when d hits zero: