Huawei and cardano

Is cardano USA or Hong Kong or Taiwan or Chinese technology? Is possible cardano blockchain adopted in Huawei?

  1. It’s international.
  2. Absolutely not.

Edit: on second thoughts 2 should probably be “extremely unlikely in short term IMO, maybe not impossible at some stage”.

I believe Huawei and IOHK are co-sponsors of some sort of trusted hardware lab at Edinburgh University. What if any relationship they have outside of that is unknown to me.

I did not know about that. It obviously changes things. My response was on the basis of the reported close relationship between Huawei and the PRC government, which seems AFAIK to be very uneasy in regard to decentralisation in general and particularly in crypto.

Yes, things are certainly up in the air right now with Huawei geopolitically! I have never heard stated that there is any sort of collaboration outside of funding the lab. I don’t even know if it is still operational.

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Fake news: there indeed appears to be a Huawei funding at the University of Edinburgh. However there is no link between that funding and IOHK, and no link with Cardano, either. There is no link between Huawei and either IOHK or Cardano.