HW wallet use for payment + stake wallet


Wondering what peoples experience has been with using a hardware wallet (Like ledger / trezor) to secure their payment/pledge + staking rewards wallet. Also, if it is possible to add the HW signature onto an existing pool for both?

Thanks in advance!


I have very smooth experience with ATADA scripts.

I first started with a cli pledge address and used the scripts to migrate to a hw wallet. I use trezor model t.

All you need can be found here:

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going through script config I see it needs the location for the bech32 binary. Any idea how to install this? sudo apt-get doesnt seem to find it

On a CNTools installed node it sits in .cabal/bin folder.

I used the coincashew guide. Can’t seem to find it.

It can be also abtained from here

Just want to check. Does this allow you to control your rewards via the hw wallet as well? I understand that it adds the HW as a second owner for the pledge but is it possible to control the rewards through the HW as well?

To do that you should make the second hw owner to also be the rewards account be the same as the new hw owner. below you see how that is done with the ATADA scripts:

And now you control the rewards and the stake with the hw owner.

awesome! thanks again

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