[HYGGE] 🤸‍♀️ Catalyst Proposal, 250k pledge, 510k stake, 0% fee, 2 blocks, 2 leverage

Dear community,
Let us introduce our stake pool!

About the pool:
Fee: 0%
Stake: ₳ 512,000
Blocks: 2
Delegators: 19
Leverage: 2
Location: German data center used by fintech enterprises and HF traders
Web: hyggepool.com , Discord: here
Initiatives: Project Catalyst Proposal


About us:
Operator 0: Architect, expert in art history & literature, soon-to-be a student of Oxford, working for the last few years as a marketologist.
Operator 1: Site Reliability Engineer working in GameDev industry with AAA games.

We live in the UK, love structural thinking, good music (Pink Floyd in particular) and long-term sustainable solutions.

We are strong believers in trans-humanitarian values and are on the war against death. We believe that no one should ever die and that every consciousness is precious due to its potential to contribute to the world in a unique way. We educate people on the art of happiness and are closely monitoring the efforts of defeating aging forever.

We have chosen ticker HYGGE, which is a Danish word translating into a feeling of happiness through simple things and events. It resonates a lot with our idea of living: be present, be conscious and be kind to self and others.


Hi @HYGGE_stake_pool ,

congrats on your new stake pool :beer: Wish more delegators stake on your pool! Keep up the good work.


Wow this is a prompt feedback to our introduction. Very rewarding, thank you very much for your attention @andreassosilo !

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We have raised initiatives on both Reddit and Twitter to mint native Tokens for strangers. We have minted over 20 assets and met plenty of interesting people sparkling with enthusiasm around the network.

We continue to offer minting native tokens to our delegators free of charge. To get some just let us know

  • Token name
  • Volume
  • Address to send them to

We have also minted few HYGGE tokens and sent them to our delegators in correlation with how many epochs have they staked with us. We will repeat this in the future.

Thanks community, let’s have some more fun ahead!

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  1. You might remember, that one of the operators of HYGGE has got an offer to study in Oxford. Hence, we are moving to Oxford very soon to work from one of the most intense studying hubs in the world!
  2. HYGGE pool has got TWO blocks assigned in the epoch 259! Finally good rewards to our dear delegators who were waiting for this with patience and loyalty!
  3. Our Catalyst proposal (we have submitted it with our friends - other SPOs) is going to be available for voting very soon in FUND4!
  4. Through the last few days we got 10 more delegators and the count of wallets in HYGGE is now 28!
  5. By now we have minted 44 native tokens for delegators, friends and other connections. We offer minting native tokens of choice to our delegators free of charge.
  6. We are constantly working on improving our staking guides as well as delivering Cardano related articles. We also ecnourage you to participate in our Discord server!

Stay tuned for more news that are now cooking! (;

Thank you very much for your attention and I wish you wonderfully amazing weekend!