Hyperledger and Brian Behlendorf beleif in decentralisation

In the summit’s hyperledger video Brian Behlendorf (CEO of hyperledger) said that it was always difficult to convince enterprises and government to do stuff with the decentralised ledger when they could do it with a centralised one. I understand that. It’s Fair !

But then, why even try to move them to a decentralised ledger ? That I did not understand in Brian or any other participant’s speech.

It always comes back… benefits of the decentralised ledger for companies that want to keep things under control and centralised.

Personally, the reason I like decentralised stuff it’s because it’s decentralised and like Behlendorf and all converts here, I believe this is best for humanity. But how can I sell that to someone who prefers centralisation ?

I often hear words like ‘I’m a believer in small decentralised stuff’ and I surely am too, but this also means that I believe in a personal (decentralised) path to my faith. Been proselyte and trying to actively convince others, that this is the right way to see society is an antagonism with the foundation of this belief (small many simple decentralized personal path are the most beautiful)