I am going to be regretful from buying cardano in large scale. any hope?


My view is that it’s really dark days for Cardano. I don’t think they can get much darker so, in that respect, the news, the tone of things should improve in the coming months. Those looking to time anything may want to pre-run major announcements that we know are tied to the Cardano published timeline of rollouts.

But, things are dark. There are major technical deliverables that have due dates well into the future, the pace of hard deals lag some other platforms, the foundation has been an unneeded source of uncertainty and a sore spot in production of key community deliverables.

Cardano may be a beautiful product. I hope it arrives soon enough.

To me, smart money that’s on the sidelines remains there at this time. Waiting for fundamental news that lowers risk and clarifies future outcomes.


You’ll be fine, have patience, DO NOT SELL! If you do you are quite possibly an idiot and I’m being serious not offensive even though some will definitely be offended. Selling at this price is like cutting off your feet because your shoes are worn out… try to figure that one out! :slight_smile:




Nice simulation. Cogent words


Its just the market cycle, we are deep in a bear market. In the long run it will be fine. Hopefully new highs end of 2019 !


Hours, but be warned it won’t be because of loss of initial investment you won’t be able to sell. You will not be able to sell because of warranted (for once) FOMO.


Cardano has a lot going for it.


My two cents. I’m trading the opportunities from the BTC tie but obcecregilstion bones into play and if Ada isn’t a security, I’ll hodl for yhe long run…that and if institutional money becomes noticeable. I’m just not seeing new money the way I want. It certainly hasn’t mooned to where it should go.

This is not financial advice. This post is for entertainment purposes only.


They were being sarcastic because too many people are only worried about price and not project… if you hold you’ll be fine but you need to learn how to trade the ups and downs to increase what you have… remember, sell the news buy the fear… sell when it spikes and immediately put in buys for say 10% less or more depending on situation and news. You could be a millionaire in the next 5-10 years for sure with just 300,000 ADA but do not have lamborghini eyes and dreams, if it happens it happens but not likely when you consider the total available and circulating coin numbers. You need to be educated, stay on top of news and be cautious, only use app 20% to gamble with selling and buying but that amount could quickly grow to what you already have.


“Just” 300.000 ADA :smile: That’s quite a bunch of money, even with today’s low prices. I do agree that with that number it’s quite likely to reach 1 million USD within 5-10 years.