I believe in Cardano

There are two types of people in this world — you’re either a mongo seed or a mango tree.

if you want to grow mongo (mung beans), you just soak it in water for 8 hours, drain, and place it in a new container for germination. It takes between 2-6 days for mongo seeds to sprout fully and theres your meal

On the other hand, a mango tree takes 6-10 years before it will bear fruit. But mango trees are long-lived and some are even producing fruit after 300 years.

I read this before, and i felt its very related with ADA Cardano being a Mango tree that would bear fruits for us, however it may take 2-3 years before we see success, but everybody who succeeded in bitcoin or ethereum were the ones who held on despite the ups and downs in prices. I could have sold all my ADA’s when the price was at $1 and earn a 2 years salary with the 2 weeks investment I had, But im sticking with my gut on HODL. Are you patient enough to wait for the Mango tree to bear fruit?


Well said @andykf

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Well said…i like me some mango trees :slight_smile:

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I am a very impatient person. I can’t even wait for my toast to toast, I’ve grown to love not so toasted toast(say that five times real fast). Thanks to Cardano I was able to pay off my whole credit debt, I am as of now, DEBT FREE.

I know I sold a few of those mango seeds(which potentially could be trees), but I feel that it was a good move since I feel a lot better now. Like a weight has been lifted off.

I still HODL a few seeds now, and I will continue to invest in these seeds for the long run.


P.S. I love metaphors, great metaphor!


For sure Cardano’s price will even grow big. I just hope the road map could be executed on time.

The market cap of this thing is currently at $17.5B, I am not sure as to how many people are working on it but with that amount of capitalization I hope the team considers adding more people to the team to give it a faster phase.

Lets say that Cardano price does not rise much more than a dollar but the roadmap and everything that the teams are working on are successful, would you still believe in Cardano? I do not think the team is trying to push this coin to a high price, more of what I see is this team is working toward a better crypto currency design to offer users the best that the professionals in their field can offer.
So will you still support Cardano if its price did not rise but the technology that comes from it succeeds?

I think that will automatically increase also the price , the better the technology the better the accessibility the usability the more valuable will be become in my opinion so yes I will still support it .

I’m in because I want to see Cardano succeed.

I want it all including a ROI

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I believe this mango tree (Cardano) is poised to thrive if the roadmap is delivered as outlined.

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